NEWS: Lights releases free-to-download children’s book!

Though most well-known for her craft of making infections electro-pop music, Canadian singer/songwriter Lights has created and released a children’s book, which has been made available to download for free. She originally created the book for her niece, who suffers from the genetic disorder Apert Syndrome. Lights posted a statement about the creation of the book, which can be read below:

“Over the holidays I made my little toddler niece, Fern, who was born with rare Apert Syndrome, a book about a little girl with Apert. I wanted her to have some reading material that featured a person with four digit hands, surgery scars, a hearing aid and ortho boots (to name a few of things she will be raised dealing with) because there are pretty much no books that she can relate to on that level. If any little one you know of has Apert Syndrome, pass it on to their fam. Download link below to a digital copy (I had one printed through iPhoto and it looks real cute).

– Lights”

You can currently download a digital copy of the book for free from here.



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