LIVE: The Black Dahlia Murder @ Sound Control, Manchester (21/01/2016)

Date: January 21st 2016
Venue: Sound Control, Manchester
Support: Ingested / Benighted
Website: None available


Over-riding word of this gig was fun, every single band delivered an impressive set, and one that will be remembered for a while. Celebrating the release of their latest full-length effort, ‘Abysmal’, heavy metal maniacs The Black Dahlia Murder bring forth the treat of a set in an intimate room with no barrier. That’s exactly what you want from these guys.

Ingested [8] open up to great success, getting the most pits going nice and early. A wall of death during ‘Skinned And Fucked’ ensues, with the crowd bowing down and fulfilling this request when asked. The ending stomp of ‘Anal Evisceration’ makes the local Mancunians a hot act to follow. Luckily, however, the night keeps getting better.

Benighted [9] certainly comes across as the heavier band of the night. Using their sense of guttural vocals and blast beat drums, the sound cuts through Manchester like a knife through butter. Using interaction on tracks such as ‘Slut’ and ‘Let The Blood Spill Between My Broken Teeth’, they have the crowd within the palm of their hands with no intent on letting go any time soon. This set proves that these guys are ready for the big leagues in extreme metal.

The main attraction of the evening, The Black Dahlia Murder [8], come on with four tracks from ‘Abysmal’ straight off the bat; ‘Vlad, Son Of The Dragon’ seeing the crowd scream along “Higher! Higher!” at the top of their lungs alongside frontman Trevor Strnad, who takes an almost commanding role on the stage.

The lack of barrier is certainly taken advantage of, with Strnad continuing to issue commands of crowd surfers and, in such a small venue, to see someone new come up every few seconds is so anarchic and gritty, and keeps the spirits and energy of the crowd continually pumped. The constant knocks of bodies into both the members and their equipment made sure the band were also very much a part of the chaos, and their maintained focus regardless is admirable.

Written by Bradley Cassidy