EP: rationale. – Confines

Release Date: December 9th 2015
Label: Unsigned
Website: None available
Facebook: None available
Twitter: www.twitter.com/rationalesucks


Fans of Real Friends will have no problems recognising distinctive vocalist Dan Lambton as soon as ‘FBS’ kicks off the rationale. EP, ‘Confines’, as the singer lends his pipes to a neat side-project while his main band are between album cycles. Joined by Knuckle Puck singer Joe Taylor and bassist Ryan Rumchaks, who are trying their hand at guitar and drums respectively, rationale. is clearly all about having fun making music with your friends and seeing what happens as you do.

What the three guys have developed here is basically four average Real Friends songs, but that’s not a problem. ‘Confines’ is a way of rationale. giving you a peak into their own musician lives without having any expectations or dependencies. This record feel likes they got together to jam, some songs came out and, as a treat, they’ve let the world hear it; a one-off to please fans of their other bands to let them know what they do in their down time.

‘Quarter Life’ closes the short EP with an expected heartfelt and powerful song that’s certainly the stand out moment for this little venture, as Lambton‘s enthusiasm carries it through. If anyone gets enjoyment out this or any one of the songs, then the EP is a roaring success. If you like either of the two bands involved then give it a listen, and if you listen to it and like it but don’t know Real Friends, you’re in for a treat.

Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)