EP: Catch Fire – The Distance I Am From You

Release Date: February 5th 2016
Label: Rude Records
Website: None available
Facebook: www.facebook.com/catchfireband
Twitter: www.twitter.com/catchfireuk


Angst and pop-punk go hand-in-hand, much like hardcore and douchbaggary, or Bloodstock and B.O. While the palm-muted riffs and bouncy choruses give the impression of frivolity, just listen to the lyrics and it’s a very different story. Yes, this is a heavily tried and tested formula, but hey, it works. Nottingham five-piece Catch Fire (formerly known as Layby) pretty much follow this method to the letter, but listening to them feels so damn refreshing.

Now, there are a million and one pop-punk bands out there, so what makes Catch Fire something special? For starters, there’s a warming sincerity in their sound; no gimmicks, cross-overs, or trendsetting, just plenty of pop-punk in its purest form. Much like The Story So Far, just more East Coast than West Coast, Catch Fire have followed their hearts and created an honest-to-god sound that just works for them. This passion fuels their songs and is bled into every lyric, riff, and beat, making this EP feel so raw and genuine.

‘The Distance I Am From You’ is basically an EP for anyone who loves pop-punk or the rock scene in general. Unless you wander down the bleak, post-rock path, bands this virtuous are few and far between nowadays, especially in the UK pop-punk world. So, be sure to check out Catch Fire, because they’re so worth your time, and no doubt they’ll be playing in a town near you very soon.

Written by Andy Roberts (@sassensquatch)