EP: Our Theory – Renaissance

Release Date: November 18th 2015
Label: We Are Triumphant
Website: www.ourtheory.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/ourtheory
Twitter: www.twitter.com/ourtheory


After an announcement that the group have added a new frontman to the mix, French hardcore band Our Theory have dropped new EP, ‘Renaissance’, the follow-up to their debut full-length album, ‘Collapse’. The Parisian five-piece has already made waves touring with bands such as Of Mice & Men, Escape The Fate, and The Used, and the influence from such bands is evident throughout the playthrough of ‘Renaissance’.

Our Theory bring forward a brilliant mix of heavy and clean vocals throughout the EP (most notable in songs such as ‘Unbreakable’ and ‘Blue Valentine’) in a way that is expected from many genre sharing bands, although not always followed through. Our Theory have managed to show the perfect vocal balance within the EP, and, coupled with hard hitting lyrics relatable the vocals, it couldn’t be stronger.

It’s also obvious that the EP is written fluently, with the bass, drums, and guitar flowing melodically with the vocals to create an all round well written and well mastered EP.

Whilst ‘Renaissance’ is an excellent addition to Our Theroy‘s musical catalogue, the band can definitely strive to new lengths with each new release, with the hardcore scene evolving and becoming popular in the way it has as of late, many groups are being forgotten in the midst of other stadium selling bands. If Our Theory can continue to bring forward more releases such as this EP, it’s easy to envision them finding their own place within the community.

Written by Cherry Walker



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