ALBUM: Oceans Red – Anevidence

Release Date: November 6th 2015
Label: Unsigned


Ukrainian based quartet, Oceans Red, formed in 2012 have had massive changes within the band since their beginning. When they started, they were solely Ukrainian members. Now, the band have members from all over Europe. Since the release of their ‘Hold Your Breath’ EP back in October 2013, Oceans Red are now fronted by young Swedish talent, Joel Holmqvist.

The band have released ‘Anevidence’ as their first full-length LP. Combining elements seen in the ‘Hold Your Breath’ EP with electronic samples and effects, produces an interesting but sometimes difficult listen over the 13 tracks. The album is pretty heavy all round as it takes a lot from the post-hardcore/alternative metal genres. However, with the added electronics, it can all get a bit too much.

There are some bone crushing riffs, such as the opener ‘Falling’, and ‘Home’ has some excellent dual guitar work in the introduction of the song, which helps redeem ‘Anevidence’. The vocals, both clean and harsh, are given a superb performance from Holmqvist. Switching between the two styles quite regularly proves that the frontman has quite the talent, and clearly has spent time honing this to a good standard.

The album doesn’t let up from the raw power that is the building blocks of all the songs, but it does get a bit worn through the listen. With such a full on sound, the songs begin to merge into each other, causing the point of each song to be lost in a wave of guttural screams and thrashing cymbals. It’s a pitfall that some post-hardcore bands can come across; some overcome it, but some don’t. Even with some highlights in elements of the songwriting, guitar tones, and general musicianship, Oceans Red don’t quite manage to survive this pitfall.

Written by Ewan MacDonald