NEWS: Facebook begin enabling and rolling out feature to purchase gig tickets!

In a recent report posted on the BuzzFeed website, social media giant Facebook is beginning to roll out a feature across the site for users to purchase tickets to concerts instead of needing to be referred to links to external websites. With the ‘Buy Tickets’ button function, people can purchase tickets to forthcoming concerts and events without needing to leave Facebook to do so, following in a similar vain to the ‘Buy’ button that product sellers have been able to implement on their pages.

Though Facebook will sell the tickets, it will hand off fulfillment to third parties, so all of the backend activities after the purchase will be completed outside of Facebook. A confirmation email will, however, be sent to the email address the person purchasing the tickets lists on Facebook. For now this feature is a limited release, and will pilot within the San Francisco Bay Area before expanding and rolling out further, assuming the feature is a success. Facebook have also advised that they will not be taking a cut of the ticket price.

You can read the full news post that was published by BuzzFeed News here.