ALBUM: A Skylit Drive – ASD

Release Date: October 9th 2015
Label: Tragic Hero Records


Remembering all those bands that have lost members and lost their sound in the process is a lengthy topic of conversation for music fans. Taking Back Sunday is probably the most notable. For contemporary music, it’s probably A Skylit Drive; a band that have been in a midst of change of lately. However, their recent record sees them struggling to recapture their personality.

Put simply, A Skylit Drive are not everybody’s cup of tea, especially for those who despise what the genre of post-hardcore has become. But, for the best part of eight years now, A Skylit Drive have captured hearts with their basic technique of writing catchy choruses and crunchy guitars.

January 2015 saw the band lose two band members and release an acoustic rendition of their then latest full-length album. Clean vocalist Michael Jagmin guided the band through the record with an, admittedly, enjoyable performance, and one would expect him to carry on the same performance into a full-length body of material. Instead, ‘ASD’ fails to even amount to a bearable album.

Jagmin dutifully takes centre stage as the face of A Skylit Drive and, in the process, fails to come across as a serious frontman. Jagmin‘s vocals are overbearing, overproduced, and uninteresting. By comparison, the harsh vocals could be slipped into just about any band on the Rise Record roster, and nobody would probably notice. Except for those who religiously listen to Rise‘s line-up.

It’s always unfortunate for a band to slowly lose their personality. As aforementioned, Taking Back Sunday struggled to find their sound following their mega hit ‘MakeDamnSure’, and this is very much the same token. ‘ASD’ lacks anything interesting past the fourth track, ‘Shock My Heart’, which admittedly stands alone as the only song worth mentioning.

Written by Calv Robinson (@CalvParty)