ALBUM: Die Nerven – Out

Release Date: October 9th 2015
Label: Glitterhouse Records
Website: None available
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For a pretty new underground German post-punk band, Die Nerven really should be coming into the public consciousness a bit more. Though being one of the furthest bands from what people associate standard metal with, Die Nerven are doing music on their own terms. Third album, ‘Out’, proves that what they’re doing is working, echoing a sound à la Killing Joke and Echo And The Bunnymen, but even then Die Nerven take it further than a lot of those bands did in terms of the fuzz and the ambience.

The best track on this album has to be ‘Jugend Ohne Geld’, in which the best qualities of this band truly shine. It starts with quite an interesting electronic opening sound before going into a haunting riff. The sound of the drum sticks clicking between the gap of drums and guitar only creates and adds to the intensity and ghostly feeling of this piece.

The drum beat that is being played isn’t complex in the slightest, and is only quite a basic rhythm, but the choice to have this underneath the tones in which the guitar has decided to use makes you drift into the song and enjoy the piece even more. The pacing between the fast sound of an alternative rock song and the sound of an atmospheric piece fluctuates massively in the span of this track, and it really drags you into the significance of both parts to make the track in on itself a creative masterpiece.

The flow of this album is also impressive as well, with songs seamlessly flowing into each other. The intro of one song seamlessly connects with the outro of another. This is a type of album you need to listen to as a conceptual piece and one that will take many listens to fully envelop yourself in. The thought to dismiss it is there on first listen, but with repeated listens in different parts of the album, it grows on you massively.

Written by Bradley Cassidy