ALBUM: The Hell – Brutopia

Release Date: October 30th 2015
Label: Prosthetic Records


In a time where the likes of Nekrogoblikon and Evil Scarecrow are found chancing their way onto festival stages and tour slots with gimmicks both painfully unfunny and depressingly uninteresting (not to mention a distinct lack of decent tunes), the nick-names (Nail$, Jackhammer et al), face masks and middle finger attitude of Watford quintet The Hell will certainly find alarm bells ringing. Thankfully, the bands club swinging hardcore stomp proves to be far from a joke, their ballsy metallic aggression and cockney spit delightfully infectious and, most crucially, dropping comedic A-bombs around every corner.

As lyrically daring and willfully brash as it is, ‘Brutopia’ is a surprisingly dynamic affair. Subtle nods towards Pantera (‘We’re All The Same’) and the schizoid bite of early Slipknot sit alongside glimpses of blitzkrieg thrash (‘Painiac’) and even a touch of glam rock (‘Sick’), swiftly confirming that whoever the hell is in The Hell, there is a serious amount of instrumental pedigree in their ranks.

It is this underlying songwriting suss which see the oft times hilarious ‘fuck you’ themes all the more addictive. ‘Shite Club’s ode to lad culture bollocks and the uproarious piss take of ‘I’ve Got Loads Of Money’ go toe to toe in riotous vocal hooks and hysterical lyrics, and indeed throughout ‘Brutopia’ the band delight in taking outrageous pot shots at the worst of the modern world whilst veering between a sonic array of contemporary heaviness, side-stepping novelty humour with songs as anthemic and stage dive worthy as anyone else in the game. What’s not to love? Get ‘Brutopia’, you dick.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)