TRACK-BY-TRACK: Audio Poets – Make A Scene

If My Chemical Romance and Zebrahead formed a Rage Against The Machine cover band together, they’d more than likely sound like LA newcomers Audio Poets. The synth-heavy alt rockers hit the studio with producer Geoff Rockwell for their debut album ‘Make A Scene’ earlier this year, and they’ve given us the lowdown with a track-by-track guide ahead of it’s worldwide digital release on November 14th.

We felt it best to introduce the album with the first track, The Anthem. This song really unveils our true determination for making music. It’s our way of implying that we love what we do, and we won’t slow down for anyone. There’s no better way to stress such strong lyrics, than by sprinkling in that heavy Rage Against the Machine influence.

02.) WAKE UP
This one was definitely a huge “wake up” call for us. We’ve endured numerous complications that honestly put us in a slump. Wake Up represents will power. Instead of wasting your days complaining and depressed, pick yourself up and do what makes your heart content. It’s all about will power.

This was the first single we released, pre album release. It is definitely our strongest and most popular song. The lyrics for Not My Time speak to everyone. We’re all our own monsters. We’re all sick of living the way we do. We feel like giving up, but with a strong head on your shoulders, you’ll find that it’s not your time. We really loved giving this song a sort of twisted Jekyll and Hyde theme. This one really tells a story.

04.) BURN
Burn was actually written years ago by guitarist Bru Whitley. Musically, not lyrically. When we started working on writing this album, Bru introduced Burn to more accommodate the shape of this album. Lyrically, this song speaks for itself. People only want to watch you fall until the day you’ve truly succeeded, and then they want to be your friend.

Make a Scene. A very interesting song. This song was actually written by our producer, Geoff Rockwell. Again, musically not lyrically. Geoff took a solid part in shaping this album the way it is. Make a Scene, which was named after the album, really screams rock and roll. We wanted one song on the album which replicated the overall moral of the entire album, make a scene. Be creative. Be different. If you’re going to start a band, don’t be simple. Have some imagination.

This interlude is heavy. No vocals. Just powerful guitar hooks and synth. We really emphasized some true rock and roll in this one.

Revolution was also written musically by producer Geoff Rockwell. He really kept the rock element strong with this song. Vocalist, Chris Durio, added his touch giving this his rap influence. Guest vocalist, Jay Miller of Drudge, wrote all of his lyrics for the strong hitting choruses and bridge. This song represents starting over.

This song was also written by guitarist, Bru Whitley. He stresses it’s meaning as your “basic love song”. If you didn’t catch the difference in the vocals of this song, listen again as Bru himself sings the whole song.

This was one of the very first Audio Poets songs to exist. It was released on our first EP, Colours. For this album, we really beefed it up and took it to the roots. Good ole rock and roll fused with some rap. Do You Feel It speaks to all fake people in this world.

This was our second single, released pre album as well. We really pulled this one down and gave it a subtle vibe, but the lyrics speak a thousand words. We sing a lot about depression and working pasts tough obstacles and this song, really hit the nail on the head. Don’t give up. In your darkest times, know that you’ll make it through like you did all the times before. Believe in yourself. You’re all you have.


‘Make A Scene’ is out digitally worldwide on November 14th 2015.