ALBUM: Pulo Revé – É

Release Date: September 22nd 2015
Label: Unsigned


‘Chaotic’ and ‘curious’ would probably be the most suitable words to use to describe St. Albans outfit, Pulo Revé. ‘Curious’ because they should trigger the curiosity of any avid heavy music listener, and ‘chaotic’, well, because that’s exactly what their debut record ‘É’ is.

Citing influences such as letlive., The Dillinger Escape Plan, and hometown contemporaries Enter Shikari, it should come as little surprise to anyone that this band enjoys springing surprises upon an audience. From the lusciously heavy ‘Crucial Fix’ to the slightly funkier ‘Above At 5:05’, Pulo Revé are in no mood to pander to any one genre.

That been said, ‘É’ showcases a band which wants to take the music to the audience in an experimental fashion. Much like The Dillinger Escape Plan embodies the quintessential mathcore band, Pulo Revé seems to want to take their hardcore influences to the listener in a much more indirect fashion.

Though Pulo Revé suffer from a lack of varnished production, they make the most of what they pack in experimental and abrasive music. Granted, there are a few areas production wise where acoustic guitars sound overbearing compared with the electric guitar, and this doesn’t do the band justice. But, it’s still early days for Pulo Revé, and the cohesiveness that they lack in production should come in good time.

It would be unfair to suggest that any lapse in the production process tarnished this record. As aforementioned, the band draws on an incredibly well crafted experimental rhythm section that throws the odd curveball in song themes, riffs, and time signatures.

With chaotic energy, an experimental underpinning, and a long list of remarkable influences, Pulo Revé has a lot to go off. For the flaws in sound, they more than make up for lost ground in energy, curious theme changes, and crushing riffs.

Written by Calv Robinson (@CalvParty)