NEWS: Leopards call it a day; farewell show to be confirmed!

Following an appearance at this year’s Deadbolt Festival and a headline tour across the UK alongside Omaha, Manchester based pop-rockers Leopards have regrettably announced that they have decided to call it a day, and have posted a statement via their official Facebook page explaining the reason behind their decision to part ways. You can read the full statement made by the band below:

“All journeys must come to an end, and we’re saddened to announce that Leopards as a band are soon to be no more. We’ve had one hell of a ride and we will miss seeing our friends and fans across the country but the time is now right to call it a day.

As we grow up our lives begin to take over, and as people we have different priorities than we had a few years ago. Our lives are pulling us in directions that leave little room to put in the time, money and everything else that comes with being in a band that are trying to make it in today’s industry.

The huge amount of money that is thrown around in today’s industry has taken its toll and it’s difficult to keep up your professional and personal lives with band’s fees being so low and costs being so high.

So with a heavy heart we announce the end of Leopards as we know it. It’s been an incredibly difficult decision but with our professional lives taking off, the band has come to an unfortunate natural conclusion.

We want to extend an enormous heartfelt thank you to every single person who has ever come to one of our shows. Every person who has spent a penny on our merch, music, gigs and anything else. Every single person who has ever supported us. You were the reason we did it. You are the reason we are proud of what we did. And we will never forget it. We met friends for life through Leopards and we hope we left you with something, whether that be our music, or a memory, which you will look back on with fondness.

We of course will remain the best of friends. We became family whilst we toured the country many times together and we are eternally thankful to one another for the experiences we had.

Those of you that know us though will know that we are Leopards. We won’t go out with a whimper. We will go out with a roar.

So we will be doing one more show. One more chance to see us one last time. So if you have ever enjoyed our live shows, liked the sound of our music, wanted to get to a show but didn’t, heard your friends say they liked us or any possible excuse to have one last party with us – join us for our farewell show. The details of which we’ll announce in the near future.

Leopards x”

Details surrounding the band’s farewell show, as explained above, will be confirmed in the coming weeks.

The band’s latest EP, ‘Future || Fate || Forever’, is available now.