ALBUM: EofE – EofE

Release Date: October 9th 2015
Label: Cream Records


Guitar heavy EofE must have startled a whole host of McBusted fans when they opened up for the pop supergroup on their arena tour last year, and, although the Dudley band have some gloriously melodic singalongs, their target audience certainly lies with a more alternative scene. Their self-titled debut capitalises on a wide range of influences, and results in a hectic rock ruckus that gets stuck into the riffs, but peels it back with full integrity when needed.

Confidence floods through the Black Country band at times, whether it’s the explosive intro in ‘Bridges’ that leads to teenage vocalist Tom Harris holding his own with poise, or the powerful riff that forms the backbone of record opener, ‘Get Caught’. The strong guitar bulldozes through ‘Lifeboat’, which masks itself as a slow interlude, but hits hard during the bridge, to form a well-rounded and well-written track that sits as a highlight on the album.

The lighter side to EofE shows the band have done their homework; ‘Stars In Hollywood’ is taken directly from the All Time Low song book, and ‘Waiting For Olivia’ could’ve been penned by There For Tomorrow, but there are top marks for attainment as the latter proves that they’ll be able compete with their peers if they get the chance.

The more original ‘Save The Night’, however, puts them top of the class as the groove-filled dance number is commercial brilliance and has the extra excitement and innovative twist that bands need to stand out.

Landing huge arena support slots is a huge boost for a new band, and EofE have fallen on their feet running with a very capable debut. Fans of fast British rock can enjoy it from start-to-finish and cleverly picked singles will ensure that people pick up the album, but it’s going to take more branching out from album number two to start turning heads in a wider demographic.

Written by Mike Heath (@MikeBeef)