ALBUM: Fox And The Law – The Trouble With People

Release Date: July 10th 2015
Label: Failure By Design Records
Website: None available


Seattle-based blues rock quartet Fox And The Law are back on the music scene with new full-length record, entitled ‘The Trouble With People’. It follows-up past release ‘Stoned To Death’ in an attempt to win over more fans and bring something a bit different to the music scene, since you’re quite unlikely to find many people doing what this band do on a large scale. Although, there may be a reason for that.

A distortion heavy introduction leads us into opener ‘Dirty Hands’, which demonstrates Fox And The Law‘s distinguished electro sound as they mean to carry it on. The track has some promising aspects instrumentally until a pretty ropey guitar solo later on. Tracks such as ‘Mercedez Benz’ and later number ‘The Rapture’ introduce us to the vocal stylings of frontman Guy Keltner, which, whilst being unique, is better characterised as yelping with an odd echoing effect added by the level of distortion which makes for an overall strange sound.

Title-track ‘The Trouble With People’ is a fanfare led instrumental number which, whilst adding a change of pace to the record, seems very out of place in the electro atmosphere the band have created for the rest of the release. There are some highlights on this album in the form of ‘The Trouble With The Gods’, which sees the band come together very well with a somewhat more mellow break in the track, which works very well.

Overall, whilst Fox And The Law have thoroughly demonstrated their sound across ‘The Trouble With People’, it turns out that it’s a rather unpolished sound that could be found at pretty much any and every rock bar putting on a few bands. If this band took a more cohesive approach to their work, there’s no reason they couldn’t become a success story, but, for the time being, this record makes for quite an unappealing listen.

Written by Jonathon Barlow (@Narlow1)