NEWS: Dead Swans hint at potential reunion!

NEWS: Dead Swans tease possible reunion for 2016!
Though currently on a hiatus, Dead Swans have teased a short and cryptic video clip, accompanied with the caption "2016...announcement soon".

After parting ways back in 2013 with one full-length album and three EPs under their belt, influential British hardcore outfit Dead Swans have now hinted online that they may be reforming and returning to the scene. Along with updating their profile and cover photo on their Facebook page, the band also made the rather enigmatic post that they’ll be returning below:

“To the kids, who fought side by side.
To the kids, who would talk and stay up all night.
To the kids, who made up our lives.
To the kids, who fought and lost to time.

We’ll see you soon.”

Any further news surrounding the band’s possible return or what this recent activity means will be confirmed as it develops.