NEWS: Mobile app developed to play Nickelback songs to get over an ex!

Considered by many in the rock community to be a bit of a stale and bore of a band, Canadian outfit Nickelback are being used as an annoyance on a whole other level now. A new app, called Nickelblock, has now been developed to help you get over and avoid that dreadful and much regretted contact with an ex.

After downloading and installing the app onto your phone, you type in your ex’s name and then, at any time you attempt to look at their Facebook profile, a Nickelback song will begin to play.

It’s worth noting that this is fake, but for those who want a bit of a laugh you can watch a short commercial video below which explains in more detail just how the fictional mobile app would work.

The band’s new album, ‘No Fixed Address’, is available now through Republic Records.