ALBUM: Phinehas – Till The End

Release Date: July 10th 2015
Label: Artery Recordings


With modern metalcore’s continually exceptional health peeling off increasingly more contenders for its throne, the perhaps overly familiar slick technicality of Cali four piece Phinehas could see them in danger of being shelved as mere copy-cats. Although, even given their routine stylistic tricks, ‘Till The End’ manages to exhibit a level of crackling electricity and supreme confidence, imbibing their re-tread of customary metalcore ideas with an infectious enthusiasm.

Some anthemic clean refrains and bludgeoningly placed breakdowns aside, it is a surfeit of guitar theatrics which proves to be the bands saving grace here. Overflowing with eighties flavoured shred, the likes of ‘Truth Be Told’ and album highlight ‘Coup De Grace’‘s hip shakin’ southern swagger bulge with a bug-eyed display of six string histrionics which, although perhaps a tad overblown on occasion, are certainly impressive.

The slow burning melancholia of ‘Seven’ gives more than a nod towards hidden depths, a delicately melodic attempt at subtlety which is strangely thrilling in its rich, atmospheric grace. It is incisive experiments such as this that Phinehas would do well to explore further, as between their crunching melo-death blows and europhic soloing, a certain creative gravitas is all that is needed to cement their place with the contemporary elite. As it is, ‘Till The End’ is a thoroughly appealing if unspectacular effort.

Written by Tony Bliss (@TBliss88)