ALBUM: American Fangs – Dirty Legs

Release Date: July 4th 2015
Label: Best Before Records


After the release of their self-titled debut in the UK last year, American Fangs have an escalated following and have quickly followed-up with a 25-minute record that doesn’t mess around and slays from the first second. Fast-paced tunes with a party attitude, ‘Dirty Legs’ is filthy, fun rock ‘n’ roll and the Southern American band are suddenly becoming some seriously hot property.

The less educated might look at the track listing of ‘Dirty Legs’ to see titles likes ‘Slavery Wedding’ and ‘Bukkake Summer’ and be immediately put off, but as soon as the former kicks in there’s no turning back. For a track that only lasts one and a half minutes, it manages to have 3 huge impactive blasts, channels bands like Clutch and letlive., and still has time for a dramatic close.

The quick songs mean that there’s no time to take a breath, and verses are streamlined to hit an explosive chorus – a Death From Above 1979-esque intro starts the funk in ‘Death Of Me’, but gets thrown into a melodic, catchy as hell chorus and hip-hop combo from Gabriel Cavazos, who eventually loses his shit and screams for the heavens.

Although there’s a certain tone to the album, the extent of the difference in the songs is impressive. Cavazos varies his vocal approach regularly and a rougher, hoarser singing sounds great on ‘Brazilian Axe’, and yet he still manages to land a phenomenally infectious chorus. The frontman is joined by the rest of the band for some expert gang vocals on ‘Counting Wolves’, which sounds as if it would have been at place at the front of the early noughties emo scene.

‘Dirty Legs’ seems to take on most of the musical spectrum and get it spot on every time, and cram it into 25 minutes just to show the rest of the bands how to do it properly. ‘Say What!’ is a punk rock track to tame the best, and has more licks and twangs in it that you could ever hope for. An excellent outlook into how rock ‘n’ roll should be done, and will go down a storm with anyone who likes to headbang, scream, or dance.

Written by Michael Heath (@MikeBeef)