ALBUM: Being As An Ocean – Being As An Ocean

Release Date: July 6th, 2015
Label: Impericon Records
Website: None available


It’s a little hard to remember a time before California heavy hitters Being As An Ocean exploded onto the scene. In the mere four years since their inception, the group have already delivered a whopping three studio albums and have set out to dominate the world extensively touring across the globe. Album number three successfully builds on its predecessors, and is significantly more focused stylistically.

It’s fair to say that writing is a continuous process for the freshly born outfit, with barely two years being the largest gap between releases. Despite this consistency, the band’s genius has failed to be compromised, with each release delivering a more intense blow then its predecessor.

Packing abrasive hard-hitting riffs with the dulcet cries of vocalist Michael Mcgough, the group succeed in creating an enthralling mix of melodic and post-hardcore. ‘Sins Of The Father’ and ‘The Zealot’s Blindfold’ are genre blending done right, demonstrating the excellent chemistry between twin vocalists Michael Mcgough and Joel Quartuccio.

Lead single ‘Little Ritchie’ includes an incredibly powerful narrative centered on Quaruccio‘s friend and pastor, Rich McCullen; “Rich grew up in an extremely abusive household, and yet still grew up to forgive his abuser, and strives to live a life of love and compassion.” Many of the album’s lyrics focus on similar messages of forgiveness, as well as equality and self-respect. It’s extremely admirable that the band truly value their song writing and work to spread a purposeful message with their music.

The band appear to have made the wise decision of focusing on quality instead of quantity, as each of the record’s 10 tracks are distinguishable and outstanding in their own right. The aforementioned ‘Little Ritchie’ and ‘…And Their Consequence’ work as very powerful bookmarks to the LP, with the latter providing a climatic conclusion, propelling the record to its emotional peak.

Being As An Ocean‘s third offering is easily their finest to date, being stylistically focused and delivering profound messages of forgiveness, equality and self-respect. The group appear to have taken a balanced approached to music and lyrics, and the end result is extremely satisfying.

Written by Kieran Harris