NEWS: MC Lars details new album, ‘The Zombie Dinosaur LP’, out October 6th 2015!

Nerdcore rapper and DIY advocate MC Lars has just announced that he’ll be releasing his eagerly awaited seventh full-length album, ‘The Zombie Dinosaur LP’, on October 6th 2015 through his own Horris Records. You can check out the album artwork and an exclusive premiere of the full tracklisting below:

01.) Where Ya Been Lars? II
02.) Zombie T-Rex (feat. STZA Crack of Leftöver Crack)
03.) Sublime With Rome (Is Not The Same Thing As Sublime) (feat. Roger Lima of Less Than Jake and Suburban Legends)
04.) Hipster Mom
05.) Dragon Blood
06.) If I Were A Jedi, That Would Be Hella Awesome (feat. Brian Mazzaferri of I Fight Dragons and Watt White)
07.) Never Afraid (feat. Watsky and Charlyne Yi)
08.) The Top 10 Things To Never Say On A First Date
09.) The Ballad Of Hans Moleman
10.) The Dip (feat. Kool Keith)
11.) It’s A Party With Lars (feat. Spose)
12.) Forgot About Jack
13.) Triforce (Power, Wisdom, Courage)