NEWS: Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches sign with Century Media Records!

Female-fronted extreme band Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches have just confirmed they have signed a deal with Century Media Records, through which they’ll be releasing their new album in early 2015. You can read a statement from frontwoman Karyn Crisis regarding the signing below:

“This band began 5 years ago in Tuscany, Italy, as an alchemical journey between Davide Tiso (Ephel Duath) and myself as we searched for a way to musically honor the Witches who came before me and who have been guiding me in Spirit, teaching me their Ancient Ways.

I’m so excited to announce that I’ve signed a worldwide deal for my new band, Karyn Crisis’ Gospel Of The Witches, to Century Media. Working out this new partnership is a testament to the enduring connections my art and voice have made throughout the years with industry people and fans who’ve continued to support me and encourage me to keep singing.”



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