ALBUM: Dangerkids – Collapse

Release Date: September 16th, 2013
Label: Rise Records


Dangerkids hail from Dayton, Ohio, a city which is home to the National Museum of the US Air Force, apparently. Interesting, right? Well, apart from housing such a rousing institution, the city has provided us with a band who may remind plenty of listeners of a certain Linkin Park. Now, that’s an obvious and common comparison to make in relation to this band, but it’s positively accurate.

On second track, ‘Light Escapes’, you’d be easily forgiven for thinking that the main crux of the vocals are actually provided by Mike Shinoda. In no way is this a bad thing either, many people think that Linkin Park have gone slightly timid in recent years and this sort of thing certainly has more of a bite to it in comparison, especially when this band add in the heavier vocals and the hardcore tropes.

The heavy vocals definitely give this band an edge. ‘Hostage’ shows off the band’s ability to switch between vocal styles, and that isn’t even taking into account the rapping over riffage that Dangerkids provide. Personally, the electronic elements that the band bring in on a track like ‘Unmade’ seem out of place and the song in itself feels strong enough without adding any uncomfortable electronica. It says a lot about how much you’re enjoying the album though, that when the band add some naff aspects on a song that they stick out like a sore thumb because of how high the bar is set through the majority of the tracks.

That being said, the electronics on ‘Fractions’ do work quite well as they seem less corny, less intrusive and more like a background element instead of killing any emotional vibe that bad electronics usually do. So, even when you think the band have tarnished the album slightly by having some unnecessary beatz plugging away and in turn trampling all over perfectly well rounded songs, they go and make you like them even more by using the electronics well by the end of the record.

It’s a cracking album, really. You can look at them as bringing back the rap-rock genre, or you can just admire them for releasing a genuinely captivating album. It really is worth a listen though, don’t be put off by the balaclava-clad bloke on the album cover.

Written by Greg Spencer



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