EP: Heartless Breakers – Prescriptions

Release Date: July 23rd, 2013
Label: Unsigned
Website: www.heartlessbreakers.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/heartlessbreakers
Twitter: www.twitter.com/hrtlssbrkrs


Heartless Breakers. Remember that name, for I sense these guys are going to be on the up and up fairly soon. This Salt Lake City three-piece appear to be truly relentless when it comes to making music with six, (that’s right, six) side-projects to juggle between them as well as working on this band too. Their ‘Prescriptions’ EP is their debut release and is a full-blown knock out. So much for crawling before you walk, as Heartless Breakers have hit the ground running.

Think of something along the lines of early 30 Seconds To Mars or Taking Back Sunday and you have an idea of what Heartless Breakers sound like. Their rich and versatile sound is almost mesmerising, with a trance-like effect of the guitars and soft yet powerful vocals. Considering that they recruit an additional three members for live shows and given their bold sound, I suspect that their performances are something quite spectacular and one that I’d certainly not want to miss.

Though it’s not the greatest release of the year, ‘Prescriptions’ is still a bloody good EP with four superbly written songs that instantly win you over. You can get a copy from their official BandCamp (here) under a name-your-price scheme. You can even listen to it for free, so you have no excuse to go and check them out.

Written by Andy Roberts



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