ALBUM: Unifier – Colorado

Release Date: February 12th, 2013
Label: Round Kid Records


Before adopting their current moniker, Unifier were once known as Future Ghosts but then, of course, legal nonsense happened and they had to change their name. Either way, ‘Colarado’ is their first release since that name change and what a damn fine release it is too.

Wasting no time in showing exactly what they’re all about, opening track ‘Crush’ displays everything that’s truly great about ‘Colorado’; catchy, anthemic pop-rock with the slightest dash of emo thrown in for good measure. By following that up with the explosive opening riff of ‘Traps’, Unifier have showcased in just over seven minutes what most of their contemporaries struggle to do across entire albums.

The band know how to tone it down too, however, with ‘Halos’ providing an unquestionable highlight with its more introspective approach and a wonderful transition between more subdued verses and an absolutely soaring chorus. Think Boys Like Girls, but far less rubbish.

There might just be one track too many, with ‘Mission Control’ feeling slightly more laboured than most of the tracks on offer here, but that’s a relatively minor complaint when the rest of the album is as good as it is. The band have followed it up with album closer, ’41’ which is one hell of a track too, so don’t worry guys, we forgive you.

There was a lot of hype around these guys when they released their first EP (albeit under their old moniker) and this album shows exactly why. Sounding this accomplished on a debut album is nothing to take lightly and with as much potential as is evident these four dudes from North Carolina possess, don’t be too surprised if you start to hear a lot more about this band in future.

Written by Ryan De Freitas